Travel Safety, Risk Management, Crisis Management and Sustainability Training.

Prove to your clients, suppliers and staff that travel safety, risk management, crisis management and sustainabilty are at the top of your agenda.

Why Train Your Teams?

Travel safety can be a complicated and sometimes difficult subject to educate on. All too often the knowledge and responsiblity remains with operational staff. In truth, it should be a subject that every role in your travel organisation has working knowledge and understanding of.

Additionally, we can help train your senior and specialist teams in risk management, business continuity or crisis management. Sustainability is becoming a key component of risk management policy and we can formulate bespoke training solutions around your approach to being a more responsible business.

Informed Decision Making

Provides key information on aspects of property and supplier safety for staff when making procurement and contracting decisions.

Customer Care

Awareness of the key travel risks will allow front line staff to inform their customers of potential issues in a knowledgable and confident manner.

Crisis Management

Training courses provide a sound platform from which to work in the case of an incident and our full crisis simulations offer the ultimate training exercise for your teams.

Who will benefit from Travel Safety Training?

Our Travel Safety Training will particularly aid those teams who are selling travel or are regularly in resort. However, courses are beneficial to all roles within a travel company, as a good understanding of basic safety principles ensures good practice across the board.

Ultimate Flexibility.

We can conduct training in person or virtually, meaning we can train staff across the globe and all training can be tailored to specific requirements based on operational needs.