Travel Risk & Safety E-Learning

Prove to your clients, suppliers and staff that Risk & Safety are at the top of your agenda.

Never has the topic of travel risk and safety been so important to our industry and our customers than in the post-pandemic period.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought Travel Risk & Safety front and centre to those who trust us to deliver the safest holiday experience.

We know that it can be a complicated and sometimes difficult subject to educate on. All too often the knowledge and responsiblity remains with operational staff. In truth, it should be a subject that every role in your travel organisation has working knowledge and understanding of.

With this in mind, we created our Travel Safety & Risk Overview for UK Travel Providers; an e-learning course designed and delivered in conjunction with Travilearn.

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Our Course

Our online course provides essential knowledge that your staff will need to gain a better understanding of Travel Risk & Safety.

Based on UK requirements, it can be undertaken by any UK travel provider and also overseas organisations involved in the delivery of travel services to UK clients.



Covers all of the key risk areas to be aware of including COVID-19.

An easy to follow 50-minute e-training course.

Case studies and knowledge checks at every module.

Completer’s certificate (for email signatures and profiles).

Designed for a variety of front line and backroom teams (Sales, Product, Ops, Management)

Bespoke and relevant content to the UK travel industry.

Designed for individuals to complete in their own time.

Course fees are £50 per course, per person.

Course Content


How to Navigate The Course

What is Travel Safety?

Examines why Travel Safety is important, including explaining your legal responsibilities as a tour operator.

Travel Safety Risk Areas

1. Accommodation

  • Fire Safety
  • Fuel Safety
  • Food & Water Hygiene including COVID-19.
  • General Safety, covering topics such as operating licences, public liability insurance, risk assessments, general maintenance and balcony, walkways and glass door safety.
  • Leisure Facilities & Recreation, including swimming pools, spas, beaches, watersports and children’s facilities.
  • Security

2. Transportation

  • Regulations
  • Assessments
  • Drivers & Skippers

3. Activities & Excursions

  • Regulations
  • Assessments
  • Staff & Equipment
Case Studies & Practical Take Aways

Demonstrating what can go wrong, using case studies as examples, plus providing practical takeaways for how your staff can use the knowledge of travel safety to benefit both your business and your customers.


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Bespoke Courses

In addition to the initial 50-minute course, we can create bespoke add-on modules, delivered live via video call, either on specific elements of the course or for specific in-house teams.

Premium Courses

Our fully-customisable option includes developing and delivering a tailor-made online course in partnership with Travilearn, plus the option to include live video conference sessions on the main safety topics.

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