Travel Safety Consultancy Services.

Having advised our clients on travel safety and risk management for over 25 years, we are in a strong position to provide a variety of consultancy services.

Protect your business, whatever your size or geographical location.

Safety Management Systems

Ideal for start-ups or businesses looking to upgrade their travel safety and risk management policies, we work with our clients to design and implement a robust Safety Management System, suitable for the size and scale of their operation. It is important for travel companies to set out their safety strategy and the commitments they make on behalf of their clients.

Included in our Safety Management System consultancy services is the design of an Emergency Plan, detailing how our the teams would act should an incident occur involving their clients.

Crisis Management Plans

Our consultants can help you create a bespoke plan to deal with incidents should they escalate. Proportionate to any size of business, we support our clients to create robust systems which can be stress tested in a safe environment with our training solutions.

Risk Management & Continuity Planning

Inevitably, travel companies will be faced with known and unforeseen risks as they go about their business. Having experienced a vast amount of localised, national, regional and global incidents, our consultants are well-placed to advise on risk management and business continuity planning, enabling our clients to prepare and train for all eventualities. We help our clients evaluate their position and identify potential weaknesses that could lead to business interruption following a change in circumstances or incident.

Bespoke Travel Safety Auditing

When managing travel safety programmes on behalf of our clients, our tried and trusted self-assessment audit templates provide a robust process of due diligence. Our bespoke auditing services offer the opportunity to being together multiple existing audits, or the facility to start with a blank canvas and create a specific set of assessment questions. We help determine the standards and requirements that need to be met, or simply facilitate the gathering of assessment information through our online checklist system.

Hotel Specific Safety Procedures

We offer consultation services to multi-national, national and privately-owned hotel brands to ensure they are implementing best practice health and safety protocol and procedures for the benefit of their guests. We also work in conjunction with tourist boards and national travel associations to ensure holiday and transportation providers within their regions are addressing travel.

Package Travel Regulations

The Package Travel Regulations 2018 have re-defined the scope of a holiday ‘package’, meaning many more agencies and travel companies will become the principal, therefore needing to implement a process of due diligence for travel safety.

We help our clients understand the legal obligations which tour operators and agents acting as principals need to adhere to and support them by creating an internal Safety Management System, of which our services are a key part. Our approach is proactive, working with our clients to plan, implement and manage their travel safety and risk assessment strategy.