Shaping Our Future

by | Oct 22, 2021

It’s been a little quiet from our side recently, but plenty has been going on behind the scenes. I can’t recall a busier time for our businesses… which isn’t a complaint at all, we are very grateful to be engaged in regular work for our long-established Sanderson Phillips clients and to be working on several projects with our Atkin Jones brand. Alongside all this regular activity, new clients are signing up, projects are coming to fruition and at the same time we have decided to re-look at the purpose of our organisation to help shape our future.  

We’re not quite ready to announce all our future plans just yet, but several initiatives are underway which will be crucial to our development and growth over the coming years. Being a responsible business is a given these days, but we are looking to elevate our activities in this area beyond what might be expected of a micro organisation. We’re undertaking an environmental accreditation with Investors in the Environment and are conducting a purpose mapping exercise with Prosperah, engaging all our various stakeholders to help us understand what social responsibility and sustainability means to them.  

We’ve also recently signed up as members of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. Not only do they have vast amounts of member resources on sustainability for the travel industry, they also manage a set of global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, providing international accreditation for tourism certification bodies. As Sanderson Phillips continues to work with different organisations involved in the provision of travel, we are exploring the options of upgrading our existing sustainability auditing services in line with the GSTC standards.   

All this might seem like we’re jumping on the bandwagon. Firstly, we’re not, many of the initiatives that will form part of our accreditation, purpose and new products have already been in existence for many years, we’re simply formalising and upgrading them. Secondly, even if we were, there has never been a more critical time, or a more important bandwagon to jump on. We’re passionate about doing our bit and going further wherever we can.