Comply with the Modern Slavery Act.

Objectively assess if modern slavery or human trafficking exists in your supply chains.

How does the Modern Slavery Act affect your business?

The Modern Slavery Act was first introduced in 2015 to tackle modern slavery by consolidating various offences relating to human trafficking and slavery. It also included a provision for transparency in supply chains that requires all businesses with an annual turnover of £36 million or more to disclose in a statement what steps they have taken during the financial year to ensure their business and supply chains are slavery free.

The Modern Slavery Amendment Bill (June 2021), proposes various changes to the original act, including making it a criminal offence to supply a false modern slavery and human trafficking statement, or for companies to continue to use suppliers which fail to demonstrate minimum standards of transparency. It also aims to improve standards of transparency in supply chains relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.

How we can help you.

Sanderson Phillips has developed an audit on behalf its tour operator clients to objectively assess if modern slavery or human trafficking exists in their specific supply chains and can also offer a bespoke service to create a tailored audit if required.

Our audit results are displayed via our online Portal, providing an assessment of whether there is a low, medium or high risk of modern slavery or human trafficking existing in your suppliers’ organisations.


Support your modern slavery & human trafficking statement with independent assessments of your supply chains.

Readily accessible data

Quickly and easily see the audit results in our online Portal data management system

Enhance relationships

Adjust your supplier relationships based on the audit results, in preparation to comply with the Amendment Bill

Modern Slavery and Sustainability.

Our Modern Slavery Act auditing services fit perfectly with our SP Sustain certification and consultancy. Ensuring there is no modern slavery and human trafficking is embedded in the requirements of an SP Sustain certification. Contact us to discuss how by undertaking SP Sustain assessments of your suppliers, you can also satisfy the requirements of the Act.