COVID-19 Risk Management AuditING

Achieve a regulated and certified accreditation demonstrating your commitment to managing the threat of COVID-19

Our broad suite of COVID-19 auditing and risk-assessment services have been developed for Travel Industry providers to help assist and reward the implementation of adequate COVID-19 control measures. By undertaking our COVID-19 Risk Management Audit, you will be demonstrating to your clients that you are following best practice in managing the threat of COVID-19 and other infectious diseases.

We have consulted advice from Governments, the World Health Organization, the EU Commission, the European Centre for Disease Control and the World Travel & Tourism Council to create a set of best-practice standards for tackling COVID-19, resulting in a ‘Certificate of International Good Practice’ that is regulated by the nationally recognised awarding organisation SFJ Awards.

COVID-19 Risk Management Audits

Our COVID-19 Risk Management Audits are available for the following sectors:

  • Accommodation
  • Transport
  • Activities & Excursions
  • DMCs & Inbound Operators
  • Small Cruise Vessels
  • Airports & Aircraft (non-IOSA)

We undertake COVID-19 Risk Management Auditing on behalf of hotels and suppliers directly, or on behalf of tour operators, travel companies, bed banks, Destination Management Companies, region-specific member organisations and event management companies looking to demonstrate to their clients that the products they are recommending have taken all reasonable skill and care to mitigate COVID-19 risks. Sanderson Phillips undertakes all accommodation auditing and our partner Tranquilico focuses on other sectors. Between our two companies, we have 32 years of experience in travel safety consultancy and risk assessment, which we have drawn on to create robust COVID-19 protocols for all elements of the holiday experience.

The detailed checklists help suppliers identify the key requirements when preparing to re-open or re-start operations. Central to a successful preparedness strategy are comprehensive policies for preventing the virus entering their boundary, elevated hygiene standards across all operations to reduce the risk of illness and to prevent the spread of infection should an active case be identified.

Robust control measures, monitoring systems and full staff training/engagement are required, as is open dialogue with guests, suppliers and all visitors/users to uphold more stringent hygiene requirements. Our risk assessment methodologies focus on the following categories to ensure that best-practice standards are in place across all functions and contributing to a robust health & safety culture, which now require an additional focus on hygiene procedures:

Management Responsibility

  • Documented risk management system/policy/plan including the implementation of control measures and robust monitoring/review processes
  • Updated & enhanced incident management protocols to incorporate full emergency planning and prevention of the spread of infection procedures
  • Clear staff roles & responsibilities, in-depth training and effective resource management
  • Internal & external communications to reassure all stakeholders and help them understand the health & safety requirements and the consequences of not adhering to them


  • Amended arrival and departure procedures for all persons
  • Physical distancing, personal hygiene & respiratory etiquette, PPE, enhanced cleaning, reduced services and amenities and increased monitoring
  • Cleaning protocol for guest rooms, public areas, all leisure facilities and vehicles
  • Relevant food management and auditing systems for all kitchens and strict cleaning and personal hygiene protocols for all restaurants, bars, lounges and room service
  • Effective water management procedures to ensure that preventable water-borne diseases are controlled. Systematic processes for swimming pool and spa hygiene and a Legionella control plan
  • Escalated procedures to increase cleaning and personal hygiene standards in back of house areas plus adequate refuse/waste management and pest control protocols

Certificate of International Good Practice

On completion of the COVID-19 Risk Management Audit, we present our findings to the nationally recognised and regulated accreditor SFJ Awards who will independently review our evidence and award the ‘Certificate of International Good Practice’ from Global Secure Accreditation, providing your guests, staff and clients with the reassurance that best practice has been followed.

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