Demonstrate due diligence with Supply Chain Auditing.

Ensure your travel suppliers such as accommodations, DMCs, transport and activities & excursions providers have adequate health & safety provisions in place.

Why use Sanderson Phillips for your supply chain auditing?

Sanderson Phillips has been providing expert auditing and consultancy services to tour operators, travel providers, DMCs, member organisations and event management companies the International leisure and travel industry since 1997.

Online Portal

Live, real-time access to our auditing information. Benefit from global access, or focus on one or a selection of our 15 geographical regions.

Extensive Database

Our Portal holds information on more than 15,500 properties and suppliers across 168 countries, and continues to grow.

Flexible Pricing

Our fees are determined by the size and scale of your operations, which allows us to provide cost-effective solutions for travel companies of all sizes.

Reduce Costs

Outsourcing your auditing and due diligence will save you time and money, freeing up your team to focus on other areas of the business.

Community Approach

The results of our Standard audits are shared with all clients, creating a combined leverage which ensures a high response rate from hotels and suppliers.

Expert Auditing Team

Our auditors have over 35 years combined experience in travel safety. Each checklist submission is reviewed individually by a member of the auditing team.

Common Sense Rationale

We work with hotels to find a solution and to keep them open for sale wherever possible, using restrictions where necessary.

Paperless Process

Our intuitive online self-assessment checklist reduces admin time and negates the need for your suppliers to print documents.

Audit Trail

We retain completed checklist submissions and all correspondence with suppliers, which can be called upon by your insurers and legal teams if a claim is brought against you.

Our Portal

Instant access to all our grading information is via our user-friendly online system. View individual property or supplier records, filter by country or grade, generate grade change reports and see at a glance if a property has achieved a sustainability accreditation in one, simple to use interface.

Our extensive database can also be delivered via a live API weblink feed if required.

Ways to audit your supply chain.

We offer a range of audits to suit all requirements and budgets. Assessments are carried out on behalf of tour operators, travel providers, DMCs, event management companies or any travel organisation who is required to demonstrate due diligence when it comes to their supply chain.

Accommodation Self-Assessment Auditing

Our standard online self-assessment checklists are dynamically tailored to each type of property. They ensure properties are meeting minimum requirements as per internationally-recognised accommodation safety standards including:

  • Management Responsibility & Emergency Planning
  • Fire Safety
  • Fuel & Electrical Safety
  • Food Safety Management
  • Hygiene
  • Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Safety
  • Balcony Safety
  • Children’s Facilities & Safeguarding
  • Legionnaires’ Disease & Water Safety
  • Transportation (included in the room rate)
  • General Safety (including Public Liability Insurance & National certification/licencing)

Transport, Activities & Excursions Self-Assessment Auditing

Our transfer & excursion online self-assessment checklists have been developed to ensure that our clients’ suppliers have adequate safety measures in place. Our checklists focus on key areas of safety, including:

  • Public Liability Insurance
  • Servicing & Maintenance
  • Licencing & Training
  • Emergency Procedures
  • First Aid
  • Safety Checks

Extended Self-Assessment Auditing

Our ‘Extended’ checklists offer a deeper level of questioning of suppliers and can be used to audit properties and suppliers that produce high volumes of business, are located in particularly high-risk areas, offer transportation or high-risk activities & excursions included in the room rate, or where concerns about the standards of health & safety have been raised by customers or staff members. We also have the capacity to create Bespoke Extended audits to cater for specific requirements.

Physical Auditing

If on-site inspections are required, we can provide experienced consultants to visit properties and suppliers to carry out physical audits. We are committed to keeping our overseas travel to a minimum, however where there is a lasting benefit and the opportunity to improve safety standards in resort, we will consider undertaking overseas inspections.

How Self-Assessment Auditing Works

Advise us which properties and suppliers require an assessment

This can be determined by creating a Safety Management System policy document, and communicated to us when you take on new products.

We take care of the admin

We contact the property or supplier up to three times on your behalf requesting that they complete the online checklist.

Supplier completes and submits the checklist online

The checklists are easy-to-complete, ensuring a high response rate from the suppliers yet providing a comprehensive insight into their safety methods.

In-depth analysis takes place and queries raised if necessary

Our team of expert safety consultants review the submission and follow up with the property/supplier until we are satisfied that all reasonable skill and care has been taken to prevent accident and illness.

Results are shared via our online portal

Standard accommodation audits are shared with all clients. Where required, we can provide factual evidence and a paper trail of all audits and communications with properties.