Accessibility & Sustainability

Acting on behalf of both suppliers and the trade, our consultants can provide a range of consultancy services focusing on accessibility provision and sustainability practices. We can either conduct physical inspections on-site to evaluate current practices against required standards, or undertake desk-top audits in conjunction with our clients.


Our audits assess the level of provision for guests with accessibility requirements and help properties upgrade their facilities to comply with best practice standards. We consider all aspects of the property including access, grounds, public areas, guest bedrooms and bathrooms, restaurants and bars, plus leisure facilities. We also consider the Emergency Plan and how this caters for guests with accessibility requirements, for example in an evacuation due to a fire or other incident.


We can act on behalf of hotels and hotel brands to help implement sustainability programmes, or provide auditing services to tour operators and travel organisations to assess the sustainability practices within their supply chains. Central to delivering improvements in sustainability policies is complete buy-in and support from a property’s owners and senior management teams, which will ensure sustainability becomes embedded in the culture.

We look at environmental factors, such as how properties manage their energy and water consumption, their refuse and waste procedures, procurement policies and how they are reducing the use of non-recycleable materials. We also consider the local landscape and wildlife, how staff are treated and how the property supports and interacts with the local community.

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