Determine if your suppliers have adequate accessibility provisions in place.

Our accessibilty auditing will ensure suppliers have appropriate processes in place to cater for all requirements.

Why is providing this information important?

Under the UK Package Travel Regulations (1992), it’s a legal requirement to provide information about whether a holiday is ‘generally suitable for persons with reduced mobility’ at the point of sale. Operators must then follow up with precise information on the suitability of the holiday if requested, and this should take into account any of the person’s required needs.

Specific requirements requiring detailed information should be provided, including: the number of accessible rooms and which facilities can be used by people with reduced mobility or other disabilities. Our accessiblity auditing will measure whether your supply chain caters for travellers with accessibility needs.

Our Services.

Sanderson Phillips can work with you to assess the level of provision in place in your supply chains with a specially-designed audit checklist. We consider all aspects of accommodations including access, grounds, public areas, guest bedrooms and bathrooms, restaurants and bars, plus leisure facilities and emergency planning.