2,000 Hotels COVID-19 Compliant

by | Feb 4, 2021

Over 2,000 properties have now been audited for COVID-19 compliance as we continue to assist our clients prepare for when travel re-starts. Hotels must confirm that they have met relevant COVID-19 safety requirements specific to their property size, style and location and have the following control measures in place: a COVID-19 risk management plan, virus control measures, enhanced cleaning procedures, staff training, communications, Prevention of the Spread of Infection (POSI) procedures and incident management protocols.

COVID-19 Accreditation

Accommodation owners and hotel brands wishing to demonstrate their commitment to COVID-19 compliancy can obtain independent verification of their COVID-19 protocols through an Accreditation assessment which can be undertaken by any size of property in any country. In partnership with Global Secure Accreditation and independently verified by third-party awarding body SFJ Awards, our certification is a rigorous examination of the property’s policies and procedures which can be shared with all stakeholders if successful.

To complete our COVID-19 assessment, or obtain the independently verified Accreditation for COVID-19, please contact info@sandersonphillips.co.uk for more information.